Understand CIBIL Score and Tips to Improve it Faster

CIBIL report is a way to check one’s credit report. A credit score is something that determines a person’s creditworthiness, and a person with a higher CIBIL score can have better chances of availing of loans and credit options. 

Now, CIBIL is a parameter of credit score because it’s one of the top four credit bureaus that generate credit reports. One can understand one’s current situation in terms of credit score reports. 

Many of us have started using credit cards but are still not aware of the criteria based on which the CIBIL score comes and how they can affect a person’s creditworthiness. In this blog, we will learn about credit card reports and how one can improve their credit score faster when they have low credit scores. 

Understanding CIBIL Score and Its Range

CIBIL score is a great enabler of getting loans, as a person with a higher score has a better chance of getting the desired amount, and they rarely need to make a compromise if they maintain a good credit history.  

The CIBIL score starts from 300 and ranges up to 900. Now, the score has been divided into several parts and categorized majorly into four broad segments. A person with a credit score between 300-500 is considered to have a poor credit score. 

The individual whose credit score falls between a respectable score of 550 and a more premium 650 is termed as an average credit score. Moreover, a person whose credit score lies within 750 is considered to have good credit utilization.

People who have a credit score of more than 750 are considered to have perfect credit grades as they can quickly resolve the majority of the funds for an emergency and also can have the basis of the loan on easy terms.

Ways to Improve the CIBIL Score 

Now, individuals who want to improve their credit score need to deal with the following steps, which will give them the chance to improve their credit score and provide them with higher chances of having credit in times of emergency. 

  • Remain Discipline With Credit and Set Reminders 

The first task a person needs to follow for having a higher credit score is to remain disciplined with the process. When a person is using a credit card, it’s required for that person to pay off the loans in time so that one can take advantage of a higher repayment history, which helps the person to increase their credit score. 

One of the nuances is that it’s a good practice to pay the entire credit amount in a single go, and that helps a person avoid the conversion of the credit amount into EMIs, which makes a person pay an interest rate on that amount. 

  • Lengthen Credit History By Maintaining Older Credit Cards

It’s a common practice for an individual to have a longer credit history, and that can be done by maintaining all the older credit cards. The longer the credit history is, the more chances there are of holding a good credit score. 

  • Customizing Credit Limit 

Credit utilization has a significant impact on the credit score. The more credit utilization a person can restrict, the better the credit score will be for the individual. When the person reaches the maximum credit limit, the credit score of the person is lowered. 

  • Avoiding Taking Multiple Debt 

The next option that a person needs to keep in mind is to avoid taking multiple debts, as it can severely hamper the credit score. If a person takes 2-3 debts at a single time, it shows the person’s financial inability and one debt repayment miss can again take down the credit score. 

Here, a person can get help from a DSA agent who can restructure a debt, and through that, one needs to maintain only one account, which again pushes the credit score of an individual. 

  • Monitor CIBIL Report and Rectify Mistakes 

It’s a good practice to check the CIBIL score from time to time as it helps a person to know where they are currently standing and allows the individuals to rectify the mistakes that they find by checking their CIBIL score.  

Following these guidelines, one can understand what mistakes they are making and can work on that to bring back their credit score to higher numbers and get benefits from it. 


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