4 Common Reasons Why Puppies Get into Compulsive Barking Habit

Relentless barking is one of the many habits pet parents often find concerning. Keep calm even if your pet Fido may be in no mood to slow down in particular instances. 

It is necessary to ensure peace in the neighborhood as much as it is essential to maintain a calm environment inside the home. Learn what triggers your furry pet so that finding a solution to this problem is much easier.

Aggression can take many forms, including incessant barking. Should your little pupper take this path, consider having it examined by a vet. Excessive barking is often a sign of behavioral problems or physical ailments, so get medical help as early as possible.

Pet insurance NZ can help tackle vet costs during specific illnesses, dental conditions, and medical emergencies. Contemplate purchasing the best pup insurance, so your frisky pet’s health is comprehensively covered. In the meantime, read this article to learn some potential causes of compulsive barking habits in dogs.


#1 Puppy misses you

Cats and dogs can get into this habit when they can’t see their owners. For instance, you may be attending an office call or doing something important behind a locked door, and your furry pet on the other side of the door may want access to your room and stay by your side. Expect your canine to bark when its mission is not accomplished.

Your canine friend might be missing you, and proof of that can be scratches left on the doors. In such a case, consider letting your fur companion inside your room and keeping it engaged with a chew toy, puzzle toy, and many other exciting things.

#2 Puppy is bored

Another reason could be that your four paws is bored and needs mental and physical stimulation. Puppies can bark to seek their owner’s attention and interact with them. Should this be a reason for your puppy’s continuous barking episodes, it may be time to break out those toys or go for a stroll, hike, or travel places. 

Consider providing your pet with a snuffle mat with dry kibble scattered on it, a Kong toy with high-value treats hidden inside, or agility training it, so it stays physically and mentally active and healthy.

#3 Puppy has too much pent-up energy

Some puppy parents may get busy with chores and skip on their furry baby’s favorite activity – “Walking”. Remember that morning walks help burn those extra calories and allow a puppy to sniff and explore the world.

Denying this time to your pet can frustrate it and make it throw many more tantrums at you. If possible, consider hiring a dog walker, so your furry buddy gets its share of happiness daily. This way, your pupper can get a workout and mental peace.

#4 Puppy knows you will respond

If you give in to your puppy’s barks, it will learn over time that it is ok to bark. Every time you react to your puppy’s barks, you may be unconsciously reinforcing that behavior. One solution to this behavior is to ignore your pup until it settles down.

Besides the above reasons, a puppy may incessantly bark when suffering from pain, injury, and sickness. Meet your vet should you suspect any physical issue for timely resolution. At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance in NZ to manage unplanned vet bills more effectively.

The best pup insurance covers a canine fur baby’s health for broader-ranging health conditions but can cost more than other cheaper policies. Weigh different pet plans available in the market and contemplate buying a policy that best suits your fur friend’s health needs and your budget for optimal coverage.

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