Top 5 Mortgage Broker Companies in Dubai You Should Consider

Dubai is among the top places where expats want to settle, investors dream of investing, and travelers head to enjoy some quality time. So, it won’t be wrong if we tell you that the United Arab Emirates is a dream haven for those who want to purchase a property. However, discovering a mortgage company in Dubai can be a difficult job to deal with. Not only is it hard to find a trustworthy company, but it is likely you get fooled due to not knowing the market and regulations properly. Therefore, in order to know where to find Home Loans in UAE for Expats, let’s discover the top 5 companies and save some money on your property loans. 

  1. Premier Finance 

One of the renowned mortgage companies in Dubai is Premier Finance. The dedicated company delivers proper satisfaction to clients. The staff on board are skilled professionals who consult and understand requirements and provide solutions that cater to specific needs. The company has a strong connection with the world’s top financing companies, allowing them to get the lowest interest rates. Also, the best part is clients get convenient and fast procedures. 

  1. Mortgage Finder

Another brilliant name in the mortgage industry is Mortgage Finder. They are the leading mortgage brokers in the united arab emirates and Dubai. With 18 years in the industry, they have dealt with 20,000 happy clients so far. They have onboard options that other companies don’t. For instance, 20+ lenders and over 500 products are hard to find elsewhere. 

  1. Holo

Have you ever heard about a digital mortgage platform? If not, then it is a must-check out for you. It is a digital mortgage provider in Dubai offering Emiratis and expats personalized and hassle-free solutions. In order to find you the best options from all over the market as per your profile, they utilize a brilliant algorithm, comparing 20+ lenders and 500+ products. 

  1. The Money Maestro

With 18 years of experience in the mortgage industry and providing property loans, the money maestro is another known name when it comes to Dubai. With a qualified team of consultants and advisors, they are keen to deliver services that satisfy ex-pats and others looking for easy lone options for their dream homes. 

  1. Huspy

Another online platform that connects clients and mortgage brokers is Huspy. They have around 50+ mortgage brokers who are certified in mortgage dealing through proper courses and renowned certifications such as CMB. Nonetheless, they have more than 400 mortgage products and are connected with UAE-based companies. 


Being an expat and dreaming about your own home in Dubai is not a fantasy anymore. A bit of research and knowing the market can help you get a suitable deal as per your profile without paying extra bucks. With this post, we have helped you with the finest companies working in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, delivering clients the satisfaction that they truly deserve. So, no matter whether you are into purchasing, investing, or refinancing, these companies are the way to go. 

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